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Terms and Conditions

January 2019


I. Introduction


Data of the provider

• Company name: Magister Artium Bt.

• Company adress: 1126 Budapest, Kléh István utca 6.

• Tax nr.: 23119776143

• Company nr.: 01-06-783924

• Contact: info@textilsuli.hu


II. Conditions of participation


You can apply for a course through the website www.textilsuli.hu filling out the application form. You will receive an email of your application. Your application is valid if you pay the price of the course till the deadline mentioned in the email you received. By applying you agree the terms and conditions of the Textil Suli.

We recommend our courses from age 16, but with adult supervision you can bring a child from 10-12 age too. In this case you have to pay the price for two person.


The courses will organized at least for 4 person, the maximum size of a group is 12.


III. Courses, workshops, prices


We have two different workshop in english. The woven wallhanging workshop is 4 hours long, and jewellry weaving workshop is 2 hours long.

The woven wallhanging workshop: 24.000 huf / person

The jewellry weaving workshop: 12.000 huf / person

You have possibility to get private classes: 7.000 huf / hour


IV. Cancellation

Once you have payed the course, it can be no refund of your money. If you can't participate on the course and you note it via email in written 2 days (48 hours) before the workshop starts, you can participate on an other date of the same workshop. Cancellation later than 48 hours before the workshop can't be postponed.

The Textil Suli reserve the rights of the changing dates and/or topics of the workshops, and has to inform you at latest 24 hours before the workshop starts. In this case, you can participate on any other classes or workshops of the Textil Suli.

V. Paying methods


Bank transfer

Datas for the transfer:

Magister Artium Bt.

Budapest Bank, 10103104-06246200-01003006

Please note the followings:

  • name, billing adress

  • name of the workshop and date (f.ex. woven wallhanging, 11.03.)


VI. Workshop publication rules

If you want to make photos or videos of the workshop, you should always ask the leader of the workshop. If you make any post or publication of the class, you have to mention and/or tag Textil Suli with hashtags. Every work you make in the workshop, you can exhibit only with this conditions.

If te course leader wants to take photos/videos of you, she/he has to ask you before if you agree. This photos or videos can be published on any media of the Textil Suli.